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“The one without the plan is the one without the POWER.

– Wesley Paul

Empowering Underserved Communities thru Credit Awareness and Education needed to Achieve Financial Independence and Success.

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Improve your credit on your own and start your own credit repair business at the same time!

In these courses, you will learn how to become a credit dispute specialist, improve your own credit and establish your own business.

Do You Need E-Book, Video Guides, or Letter Templates?

Here at Uptrend Credit Solutions, we got you covered.  

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Client Reviews and Testimonial

“Thanks for that. God bless u. I was in need of that. I try no one help me like Uptrend. I gave up so many times. Now I feel that I am stable and comfortable with the service. May God bless you all for the help you give to everyone”


“I’m so excited I really appreciate all the help you all provided”



“I always paid my bills late and it affected my credit score big time. Thank God for professional and kind consultants here for keeping me on track.”


Clifford Walters

“Really had a hard time handling my finances before coming to Uptrend, the advice was really helpful.”


Miah Ahad

“They were really helpful in removing the inaccuracies in my credit report. I was hesitant on the program but their service really stuck to me. I was constantly updated with positive results.”


Jaime Jay

“Thank you! Uptrend was really a blessing. A few months in the program looking to eliminate negative accounts and they don’t disappoint at all. Glad to be up in the 650. Aiming for 700 now’”


Mike Chen

“Thank you x1 million. You guys are heroes without capes🙌”