Uptrend Credit Gives You Everything to Stay on Top of ALL Your Credit Needs.

3-Bureau Report, Scores, & Grades

Credit Monitioring

Identity Theft Protection

Tiko Wants YOU to Take Control of Your Credit!

Uptrend Credit Revolutionary Credit Grading System is a  new method that’s gives  letter grades based on the five factors that affect your credit score. Now you can see what needs your attention and what you should do.

Build Your Credit Score with Tiko

Ready to get your credit building journey started? Uptrend Credit allows you to report your RENT, Utility (COMING SOON), and build credit with our Credit Builder Loans. 

Get Your Credit Score Grades  


Basic Subscription


  • 3 Bureau Credit Reports, Scores, & Grades
  • 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • Credit Score Tracker, Factor, & Simulator
  • Credit Education

Premium Subscription


  •  Everything in BASIC plan plus:
  • Identity Protection & Insurance
  • Credit Score Sight (Coming Soon)
  • Subscription Manager (Coming Soon)

Making Credit and Financial Lives Better

Uptrend Credit allows you to build credit by having your rent, utility bills, and credit building loan report to the major credit bureaus. With Uptrend Credit, the road to financial success is within reach! It’s time to take control of your finances today – start building a solid credit foundation for tomorrow!


What is the

Building your credit and saving money at the same time is now possible with our simple, cost-effective platform. People can easily establish credit with the help of Uptrend Credit’s affordable, specialized credit building services. We can help you establish credit in as little as 30 days with this low-cost service, all while ensuring that your payments are reported accurately.

At Uptrend Credit, we know credit can be difficult to understand. For that reason, we have created our own credit scoring model outlined by TIKO the credit panda. In addition to your credit score, we have introduced a credit letter grading scale that represents your credit score. You’ll have a clear picture of where you stand and what you can do to raise your credit.

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