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Uptrend Academy

Improve your credit on your own and start your own credit repair business at the same time!

In these courses, you will learn the foundation of credit and how to develop excellent financial habits that will help you maintain good credit for the rest of your life.

Uptrend Business

Uptrend Business is one of the subsidiaries of Uptrend Credit Solutions that is focused on educating and empowering underserved small business owners on how to get business credit and small business funding.

Uptrend Loans

Business Funding assists you in covering expenditures that not only keep your business functioning but also allow it to develop and flourish.

Uptrend Loans will assist you in determining the best financing solution for your small business, whether you need to recruit more personnel or a short-term cash injection to meet taxes.

Do You Need E-Book, Video Guides, or Letter Templates?

Here at Uptrend Credit Solutions, we got you covered.  

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Empowering Underserved Communities thru Credit Awareness and Education needed to Achieve Financial Independence and Success.

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