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We specialized in providing in-depth credit education to underserved individuals and communities. Here at Uptrend Credit, we believe that anyone can achieve financial freedom by leveraging their credit. Education is power, we will use this to empower underserved individuals and communities to help them leverage credit to build generational wealth on their own.

Uptrend Credit Solution
Uptrend Credit Solution

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Getting your financial life in shape and achieving your financial independence is our upmost objective. That’s why, during these hard times, you need to take the right steps to ensure your credit remains healthy. We guarantee to provide you with the professional help needed to achieve your goals.


Mission & Vision



Empowering Underserved Communities thru Credit Awareness and Education needed to Achieve Financial Independence and Success.


Our vision is to spread credit awareness and education. We aim to reach those underserved individuals and increase the percentage of the average credit score of Americans.

About the Founder

Hi! I am Wesley Paul the founder/CEO of Uptrend Credit & Respect My Blueprint. I am a certified Credit Consultant, Financial Instructor, and Entrepreneur. My life was impacted by the pandemic too, I got laid off from my job as a server, got no credit score but I have a family to support. I started from scratch and built my credit on my own. I spent days and weeks studying and learning. It was a challenging experience but I must say it’s worth it. Right now, I’m at 730+, have a business of my own, and more time for my family. That’s when I realized how powerful education is. It changed my life and I believe it can change yours too.

Wesley Paul, CEO of Uptrend Credit Counseling

Mr. Wesley Paul

CEO of Uptrend Credit

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Uptrend Academy

We have different courses to help you be on the right track to achieve Financial Independence and Success that start from the right knowledge on how to take good care of your credit.

Debt Income Ratio Calculator

Uptrend Store

We have different letter templates for your disputing needs that you can purchase individually or in a package together with the EBooks that we have for you.

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