Uptrend Credit’s motto is all about upgrading your life, especially your credit by better credit accessibility.

Making Credit and Financial Lives Better

With Uptrend Credit, the road to financial success is within reach! Our members have access to top-notch tools and resources so they can trust their money matters are in great shape. It’s time to take control of your finances today – start building a solid credit foundation for tomorrow!

The TIKO Promise

We’re here to ensure that your efforts are recognized. We guarantee your satisfaction with any score update, or your money back.

  • No Hidden Fees, No Commitments.
  •  Service that makes a difference in closing the credit gap.
  •  No Risk Satisfaction Guaranteed.
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What is the UPTREND Way?

Building your credit and saving money at the same time is now possible with our simple, cost-effective platform.  People can easily establish credit with the help of Uptrend Credit’s affordable, specialized credit building services. We can help you establish credit in as little as 30 days with this low-cost service, all while ensuring that your payments are reported accurately.

At Uptrend Credit, we know credit can be difficult to understand. For that reason, we have created our own credit scoring model outlined by TIKO the credit panda. In addition to your  credit score, we have introduced a credit letter grading scale that represents your credit score. You’ll have a clear picture of where you stand and what you can do to raise your credit.


Wesley Paul

Wesley Paul

Co-Founder & CEO

Hi, I’m Wesley Paul, the Co-Founder and CEO of Uptrend Credit! I’m a serial entrepreneur and podcast host, a father of four amazing kids, and an avowed tech enthusiast. My journey began with making Youtube videos to help people repair their credit, but that was only the start. I went on to build Uptrend Credit and launch a digital media company – two ambitious ventures that have allowed me to blend my passions for learning, travel, education, and technology into something meaningful. Every day is an opportunity for growth and adventure with my family, colleagues, and friends!

Adam Ifargan

Adam Ifargan

Co-Founder & CSO

Adam Ifargan is a law student at NSU Shepherd Broad College of Law and the owner of A.I. Advisors LLC, an advising and consulting firm that helps small businesses and start-ups with their business solutions. He is looking to specialize in Business Law and Intellectual Property law. Adam is also a former paratrooper in the Israeli Defense Forces, where he learned the importance of teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving. Adam is a Co-Founder of Uptrend Credit Solutions alongside Wesley Paul with the singular goal in Building your credit and saving money at the same time is now possible with our simple, cost-effective platform.


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