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Why should I choose Uptrend Credit Solutions?

Uptrend Credit is a national credit and financial wellness agency empowering Underserved Communities thru Credit Awareness and Education needed to Achieve Financial Independence and Success.

We are equipped with the best practices, timely education, and effective techniques that work in the New Age of Credit.

What's your cancellation/refund policy?

We know you are going to love the products within our Uptrender Store. We’re so confident our system will work for you, we are giving you a risk-free 90-day money-back guarantee.  Put in the honest effort and our New Age of Credit system will work for you, so I’m giving you an iron-clad 90 day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Do I need to subscribe to credit monitoring?

Yes, this is essential. You need to have a current copy of your credit report if you are starting your credit-building journey with our organization. It is also advisable to also monitor your daily credit monitoring alerts and updates.

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How can we contact you if we encountered any issues with the products?

You can easily call us at our toll-free number: (833) 425-0355 Or Emails Us at info@uptrendcredit.com


-For clients booking a credit consultation. Please note that cancellation or rescheduling of credit or consultation session must be made 24 hours before a call or the amount paid is non-refundable. 

No credit repair company can make the promise of a score, a timeline, or removal guarantees. We will still apply

Do you offer Credit Repair Service?

Yes, we do offer free credit repair to interested individuals however we are NOT a credit repair company but rather a DIY credit improvement company. Here at Uptrend Credit Solutions, we want to help more people as much as we can.

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How much are the products within Uptrender Store?

Our credit improvement products range from $59 – $1,999, it all depends on your needs.  We have different products from courses, e-book guides, and custom dispute letters that you can choose from.

Do you offer other services aside from credit-related products?

Yes, we do have sister companies that provide wide arrays of services from credit, business funding, and even tax preparation services.

Uptrend Business 

Uptrend Loans 

How Can I Achieve Financial Independence and Success?

Staying on top of your Credit is a must in this New Age of Credit. Uptrend Credit is the perfect place in terms of educating as well as guiding individuals to have a better relationship with their credit.

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