Credit Advice

Uptrend Score Tracker

Tracks or check your credit score changes and how it progresses over time and get alerted about changes to your score or credit rating.

Uptrend Score Simulator

Uptrend Score Simulator is a scoring tool that estimates how various financial decisions may help or hurt your scores. It evaluates your current or future credit score based on various debt-related factors.

Uptrend Score Factor

Uptrend Score Factor is the basis of your credit scores. How far behind you’re on a bill payment, the number of accounts that show late payments, and whether you’ve brought the accounts currently are all factors. The higher your proportion of on-time payments, the higher your score is going to be.


How much will it cost?


$ 17.95 per month


$ 22.95 per month

What is a credit calculator?

It is an interactive calculator that can help you work out an auto and home loan and set saving goals. Our calculator provides prompt results without needing to fill out complicated forms. 

What are those credit calculators? How do they work?

Credit Utilization Ratio Calculator calculates how much credit you’re currently using. Having a credit card gives you access to a limited sum of cash. The value that’s already utilized, separated by the whole credit card limit, is the credit utilization rate.

Debt-To-Income Ratio Calculator measure and evaluate the current debt load to perceive how much you can responsibly manage to borrow. Lenders used this to find out your borrowing risk.

Pay off Calculator calculates the impact of extra payments, you can take in how to conserve money on the total amount of interest you’ll pay over the life of the loan. 

Consolidate Credit Card process by incorporating debt into a loan or repayment plan, which can help you save money each month.

Credit FAQ

What is Uptrend Credit?

Uptrend Credit is an innovative platform that provides credit reporting services in a user-friendly and easy-to-understand format. Uptrend Credit uses the school system as a guide in its credit reporting services.

What is a credit grade?

A credit grade summarises your entire credit report information into a letter depending on what credit score you have got. For example, an ‘A’ credit grade refers to having a high/very good credit score and an ‘F’ grade refers to a poor credit score. By comparing this information to the patterns in thousands of past credit reports, credit grading identifies your level of credit risk. Your grade tells a lender how likely you are to repay a loan, or make credit payments on time. Having an A grade, the better chance you have of getting the credit you apply for.

How is my credit grade calculated?

Credit grading generally looks at how late your payments were, how much was owed, how recently, and how often you missed a payment. This grading is calculated by a mathematical equation that evaluates many sorts of data points (score factors) from your credit report at that exact credit-reporting agency. There are five specific factors that come in how your score is calculated.

  • Payment History reflects whether or not you create payments on time on each of your accounts.
  • Credit Utilization covers the available credit you’ve used. If possible, keep on with 30% or less of your total available credit.
  • Credit Age shows how long you’ve had credit, and how old each of your accounts is.
  • Credit Mix covers the types of revolving and fixed-payment credit accounts you hold.
  • Credit Inquiries illustrate how many times you’ve applied for a brand new credit in the last few months or years. New credit applications make up 10% of your credit score.

How is my credit grade used?

Credit grade (credit score)  is one of the main tools creditors, employers, insurance and finance companies rely on to determine your creditworthiness. Your grade is a quick snapshot that is often used when credit decisions are made quickly. Creditors may also obtain your full credit report (card), to access more detailed information to aid their decision on your level of risk.

How to obtain my credit report card?

To acquire daily monitoring of your credit report that you are entitled to under federal law, you must go to monitoring.uptrendcredit.com. At this website address, you can get your credit report from all three credit reporting agencies – Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Our service makes your personal report available online 24/7. You have peace of mind from knowing that your credit records are being monitored daily. If any irregular account activity is detected, we’ll notify you promptly.

How often is my credit report card updated?

In general, creditors forward information to the credit reporting agencies monthly. The day of the month that each individual creditor sends updates varies. In other words, we might receive an update from creditor A on the first of every month and from creditor B on the 11th of every month, etc. This is why it’s important to have access to your credit report (card) every day.

Does checking my credit report card hurt my score (grade)?

No. This is a soft credit check only, so it won’t lower your scores. Opposite to well-known conviction, you can check your own credit as frequently as you like with no risk of affecting it adversely. Known as a “soft inquiry”, accessing your own credit data could be a harmless and smart way to guarantee your credit score is as high as it ought to be.

What is a credit inquiry?

Credit inquiries are requests made by primarily financial companies to determine your creditworthiness. They use the contents of your credit report back to determine if and how much credit they must issue. the foremost common forms of inquiries are made once you are applying for a MasterCard, auto or home equity credit, or looking to secure a replacement apartment. Inquiries can only be made together with your authorization.

Members FAQs

How does my membership work? What is included?

  • You will also receive 24/7 credit monitoring, credit alerts, credit report consultation, and access to our credit education center.
  • There are also optional benefits available to members including access to all 3 credit reports cards and credit grades (scores).

Is there a trial membership period?

Unfortunately, no. But we offer 7-day $ 1.00 access fee which you’ll be able to utilize the program benefits as much as you’d like, without cost or commitment for a temporary basis. In the event that you decide that the service isn’t the easiest, most viable way to oversee and ensure your credit, simply call to cancel before the end of the 7-day $1 Access Fee and you won’t be charged an enrollment expense. In case you choose to proceed to take advantage of our monthly membership plan, the enrollment fee will naturally be charged to the credit or debit you used to enroll within the program.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership, you may do so at any time by contacting our Customer Service Representatives at (833) 425-0355. We are available to assist you every day at the following time:

Monday-Friday: 9 AM – 3 PM EST

Please have your membership information (Member ID, first & last name, and address used to sign up) ready when calling to ensure a smooth experience. After canceling your membership there will be no future charges.

You may only terminate/cancel your membership by calling a Customer Service representative. Upon cancellation of your membership, we are not able to offer any refunds or prorated refunds.

I canceled my membership, how can I reactivate it?

Please call our customer service representatives at (833) 425-0355 and we’ll be happy to assist you.


Is uptrendcredit.com secure?

We understand that the information you provide is extremely sensitive and we use the utmost security measures to protect your data. We use 128-bit or higher encryption to protect during the transmission of your data to our site.

What should I do if I receive a credit alert?

The action you need to take will depend on what the credit alert is about. For example, you could receive an alert that there was a new inquiry on your report. If you recently applied for credit, that would explain the inquiry, however, if it was not you, you should take action by calling the company listed on the inquiry. The same logic would apply for new accounts opened in your name.

How do I view my credit alerts?

Once you have logged in to the member dashboard, just scroll down until the 3rd page, there is a page “Your Credit Alerts”. On that page, there are also 4 tabs where it includes all the credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian, Transunion, and All Bureaus. If you have any credit alerts it will display and if not, it will only show “No alerts available at this time”.


I signed up for an account, how do I get started?

You will be automatically directed to our member portal once you have successfully completed the enrollment process. From the member dashboard, you can easily navigate between the different benefits. You will also receive a welcome email that contains your login credentials and other important information about your membership.

I never received a welcome email, what should I do?

You will be sent a welcome email within 24 hours of enrollment. If you have not received your email in that time frame, be sure to check your spam folder. You should also add noreply@monitoring.uptrendcredit.com to ensure prompt delivery. Should you still not receive your welcome email, please contact us at the customer service number referenced above.

How do I contact customer service?

Please call our Customer Service Representatives at (833) 425-0355 and we’ll be happy to assist you.