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Triple Bureau Credit Reports and Credit Scores. No past payments to use? No problem. You can add past payments as they become available and you make payments.



Knowing all three of your credit grades from TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian keeps you informed of where your credit stands. Are they as high as they need to be? What are your scores?


Uptrend Credit introduces a new era of credit building by reporting your positive payment history and optimizing your credit utilization ratio. Uptrend Credit knows that good credit is essential to financial success.



Uptrend Credit empowers you to control your finances and future by giving our UPTRENDERS top-notch materials and cutting-edge tools! By providing the tools, resources, and education needed for success, you can improve your credit score and take charge of creating an amazing life!

Why Uptrend Credit

We’re not just a credit monitoring company, we change lives through credit awareness and education.

Credit Monitoring Features

Get your 3 Credit Grades and Reports, 24/7 Credit Monitoring, and Credit Alerts for Profile Changes.

Credit Education

Uptrend Credit aims to empower communities in building generational wealth through credit education.


New Age of Credit

Have a deep understanding of the new age of credit and how you can leverage it for personal independence.


Free Credit Calculators

Looking for a one-stop-shop for all of your credit card calculations? Our free credit calculators can help you with financial questions and decisions.

What Our Customers Are
Saying About Us

After doing some research online, I decided to go with Uptrend. I must admit that the first two weeks have been way better than any other credit agencies I’ve ever worked with. So far, the customer service has been excellent; communication has been flawless, and getting a call from one of the customer service representatives has been even more impressive. I’m looking forward to working with this company

Mods Turrobia

Happy Client

Very happy with the services provided by Paul and his team at uptrend credit. I was contacted by Maria to offer help with the application because I was asking on a mutual group on Facebook and every step of the way I felt secure. My application was approved within 4 days and a month after my loan was funded. Very Happy with their services 😍.

patricia valino

Patricia Valino

Happy Client

Thank you, Wesley for your help in getting my PPP loan. You guys worked with me every step of the way and came through for me when I needed you guys the most. God will surely bless Uptrend Credit for the kindness and respect that you guys distribute to every one of your customers. I will be referring all of my friends and family.

Rose Joseph

Happy Client

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Uptrend Credit?

Uptrend Credit is a financial technology platform that helps people build credit by providing credit building services and products. Uptrend Credit goal is to help people build credit, especially those who are new to credit or may not have access to traditional financial products. 

How much does Uptrend Credit cost?

BASIC Subscription:

$5.95/mo plus one time setup fee of $ 14.95

Key Features:

  • Add rent, cell phone, and utility payments 
  • Monthly Reporting 
  • Track score building 
  • Credit score insights

 PREMIUM Subscription:

$9.95/mo plus one time setup fee of $14.95

  • Everything in BASIC plan plus:
  • Finds past rent, cell phone and utility payments 
  • Bundle up to 24 months past payments 
  • Credit Counseling 
  • Our service comes with a 100% NO RISK SATISFACTION GURANTEE. We will refund 100% of your subscription fee if not satisfied within the first 7 days of service.
How long will it take for me to see a change in my credit score?

You will see your new score within 30 days after you have signed up with our service and your monthly bills are reported to the 3 major credit bureaus.

How does Uptrend Credit work?

Start building your credit score in just a few minutes! Setting up an account with Uptrend Credit is safe, quick, and easy. First, link regular bills like rent, utility, or streaming services. You can even add payments from the last 24 months. We report on-time payments of these bills to the major credit bureaus each month, which can improve your credit score and help you get the most out of your credit.

How does this build my credit?

Once verified, your payment information will be sent to the credit bureaus within 24 hours. Once received it typically takes the bureaus 2-3 weeks to add the payment information to your credit report.

How can I monitor my account?

Your personal Uptrender Client Portal is your home for everything to monitor your credit report and score. Follow your progress in real-time as we validate and report your rent and utility history.  

How does the monthly subscription work?

To keep your credit score improving, we will need to keep adding on-time payments to your new tradelines. Without it, the tradeline becomes stale, which could hurt your score.  Your monthly payment makes sure that your tradeline is up to date and shows the maximum number of payments.  Remember that you can keep track of your progress with your free credit score every month. 

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