If you spot an error on your credit report, writing a credit dispute letter may help resolve the issue. 611 letter is the Method of Verification letter, wherein the CRA didn’t remove the item you disputed from your credit report.


This allows consumers to challenge questionable items on their credit reports. This includes late payments, charge-offs, collections, tax liens, bankruptcies, judgements, foreclosures, or any personal identification information. 

If you are asking WHAT is this product designed for?

          Great for removing negative items from your credit report. 

If you are asking WHEN is this product best to use?

          If the bureaus failed to remove erroneous items on your report. 

If you are asking HOW to use this in D.I.Y approach?

          Should clearly identify each item you dispute, state the facts, explain why you dispute the information and request that it be removed or corrected.


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