Debt Validation – Unrecognize Collection

Not every debt collector who contacts you is attempting to collect a legitimate debt. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), collection agencies are required to provide proof that the debt is legitimate, legally yours, and that the collector has the right to collect on behalf of the original creditor.

Debt validation letters are valuable assets during the debt collection process. Mistakes are common and can often lead you to paying off a debt you don’t owe or that is past the legal statute of limitations. 

WHAT is this product designed for?

          Send request proof that the debt in question is valid and not outside the statute of limitations for collecting the debt.

WHEN is this product best to use?

          If there is an aggressive debt collector who does not have sufficient information.

 So, it’s your right to challenge a debt and/or receive written verification of a debt from the debt collector. YOUR CREDIT, YOUR RESPONSIBLE!



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