TIKO UpLift Kit (Credit Score Boost)

Did you know there are items that are silently hurting your credit score?

Under the FCRA, you have the right to dispute all incomplete and inaccurate information listed on your credit report. Thus, any incorrect information must be removed. Also, if a direct dispute is sent to the credit bureaus or creditor challenging the accuracy of the information contained in a credit report, the credit bureau or creditor has a duty to investigate and correct any incorrect information. Lastly, they must respond within 30 days. But not all of them will follow these rules.

That’s why in this bundle, aside from an e-book regarding credit boosting. You’ll also get two different letter templates we used to remove/dispute inaccurate information. Plus, a reminder to respond template we used whenever credit bureaus or creditors neglect their duties to send a response. Boost your credit like a rocket today!