The Unpopular Opinion About Credit

This is an unpopular opinion but Uptrend Credit Solutions will say it anyway…

Most people are focused on their credit score but don’t even pay attention to their credit reports.

Being cautious with your credit score only is like answering an exam without actually reading the questions & then expecting to get a high score.

Or doing a thesis without researching about it

Or cooking food without knowing the ingredients

We bet they don’t even take their time reviewing it..

Because they thought adding cards & paying on time are the only ones affecting their credit score. Not everyone is knowledgeable enough about these things.

And here’s the bitter truth…

There are items that are silently damaging your score without you knowing it.

And for some people, that’s okay as long they reach the score they want. Most of them are too busy.

Well, we honestly don’t see anything wrong with it.

Now, we know this may sound weird coming from an agency offering credit improvement services.

But that’s the thing…

Here at Uptrend Credit Solutions, we can only educate & inform people about inaccuracies on their credit reports & why it needs to be removed, it is still up to a person to decide.

Commanding them to sign up for our services will only look like that we’re doing it for business.

Every person has different situations.

But let’s say ‘commanding’ people DOES work, and we manage to have some people sign up with our services

What’s next?

Do we start assuring other individuals that they will get great results with us just because one person signed up & had great results, even though they have different situations?

Because here’s the thing…

Whether we like to admit it or not, no credit counseling company can assure anyone to remove anything on a credit report.

And I know it’s easy to think that there’s no sense in paying if those companies cannot provide assurance.

Especially when you’re paying monthly & you really need to build credit because you want to achieve something.

I know because the Founder of Solutions was once there.

Heck, he has strived since the pandemic outbreak in building his credit along with his family and friends.

So yes, here in Uptrend Credit Solutions, we do understand.

Which is why we’re writing this.

Because we know it is time-consuming to review & deal with your credit report but it is harder to trust a company especially if it’s newly established. But you need to choose between the two, either you do it or you let a company do it for you. Why? Let me give you 3 reasons.

The first one is not knowing that there is inaccurate information on your credit report.

One time our founder, Wesley didn’t even have a credit score as he lacked any history of credit.

The sad part is, he didn’t even understand why during that time. He thought he had decent credit.

What’s sadder is he didn’t bother to check his credit report, you see, he was focused on checking his credit score, not his credit report. He didn’t know back then.

When in fact, an important step that he must do back then while maintaining, is to check if all the information & negative items listed on his report are accurate.

Because according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, any inaccurate or wrong item can be disputed & deleted, this can help his score to go up.

It’s simple but if you think about it, it is the right of every citizen but rarely done.


Here’s a question

If you saw that there’s an error in your credit report, what is the next step you will do?

Let it be, because they are credit bureaus, plus it is very time-consuming & you’re too busy.


Dispute it because you know it’s wrong & you know you have the right to do so?

As a person who’s trying to build credit, what will you choose?

It’s obvious, isn’t it?

You should dispute it the moment you saw it because it is your right & it affects your overall financial health.

Having it removed will maintain a positive impact on your credit in the future.

Speaking of “having it removed”….

Well, if you want these inaccurate items to be removed without you doing it, seek help from a licensed credit counseling agency.

This is a vital step.

When you look at those people who are trying to build their credit, as I mentioned earlier most of them are busy trying to make a living.

What they usually say is,

“I am new to this, I need to study about it first”

“The process of exchanging letters is very time-consuming”

“I have work, I am busy”

While that’s totally understandable, especially if a person is living from paycheck to paycheck. But setting it aside will bring struggles later on.

Take Uptrend Credit Solutions’ founder as an example

If he didn’t take action back then, will he land a credit score of over 735 today along with his family?

If he didn’t take the time to review his report, will he see the harmful information?

If he didn’t bother rebuilding his credit because he’s too busy, will he achieve what he has now?

We could go on and on about this but the bottom line is you should not set aside these things, take action now or seek help from a credit counseling company if you don’t have the time to do so by yourself.

Yet most people don’t want to seek help at all because they are afraid to get scammed.

That’s totally understandable, but..

How will you fix these things that are silently damaging your score if you will just sit back because you’re busy & have some trust issues?

How will you buy the house you want or get approved with that car loan if your credit is way too poor?


We know how frustrating it is to get denied many times, some will even reflect on your account as a hard inquiry. We also know how hard it is to build credit when you’re clueless about what’s going on.

But as our founder has learned from building his credit from scratch,

It’s not because he used to live from paycheck to paycheck

It’s not because he doesn’t understand these things

It’s not because he’s working 8 hours a day

It’s his ability to actually pay attention and take a look at what’s going on. It’s because they lack knowledge about these things, that made him clueless about what he should do. Lastly, the trust issues prevented him from seeking help from those who were knowledgeable enough back then.

Now, this isn’t a “knock” on anyone,

In fact, if you’re one of those individuals who are really trying hard to build their credit, I applaud your commitment to doing so.

But like the old saying goes..

If repairing one’s credit is as easy as sending some dispute letters to the credit bureaus then why doesn’t everyone have good credit?”