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Welcome to Uptrender Academy! Achieve your American dream by completing all our courses that are designed to help you achieve financial independence and Success!

Achieve Financial Independence and Success

Are you ready to become financially independent and successful?  Enroll now in our Bootcamp and be ready for a big change in this new age of credit.

Receive a Certificate

At the end of each course, you are going to receive a certificate after completing and passing all the quizzes provided after every module. We also have accessible materials for you to use throughout the course.


Ask our experts if you have any questions, suggestions, or difficulties about your course. You can call for support or use our live chat to communicate with us.

Uptrender Academy

Become an Expert

Become an expert when it comes to your credit. Learn the proper way of disputing, credit hacks, and techniques from a credit expert that your credit company will never tell you about.

Uptrend Credit Mastery Bootcamp

Learn and prepare for the new Age of Credit

In this course, you are going to learn the foundation on how to improve your credit and the proper way of taking good care of it. 

Are you ready to start empowering other lives too by fixing their credit?

Earning at home sounds great right? How about earning from home while helping others fix their credit? In this course, we will equip you with the right knowledge on how to start.

Debt Income Ratio Calculator

Uptrend Academy

We have different courses to help you be on the right track to achieve Financial Independence and Success that start from the right knowledge on how to take good care of your credit.

Debt Income Ratio Calculator

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We have different letter templates for your disputing needs that you can purchase individually or in a package together with the EBooks that we have for you.

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